About Suzanne

Suzanne Bare is an international best-selling author and relationship expert. With over twenty years experience in the counseling and coaching fields, you are in the best hands. Suzanne empowers individuals to move through deep personal growth with caring and ease. She helps couples refresh and renew their togetherness in ways that support each partner's growth.

Suzanne received her RN license in New York before making her move to the west coast. She earned a masters degree in counseling psychology from John F. Kennedy University. After working in a group psychotherapy practice, she started her own private coaching practice and founded RelateGreat Coaching in 2002. She has been an instructor of Couples Communication and Anger Management since 2003 and authored her first book in 2013. 

ABOUT her business

RelateGreat Premier Coaching Services are not traditional therapy sessions. We focus on finding the root of the issue quickly, and making profound, rapid changes using my proprietary, structured approach. We will free you from the blocks to reaching your full potential.

Couples can get relief from long-standing issues in a matter of a few sessions. We won't spend valuable time rehashing old arguments looking for whose to blame. We hone in on key issues particular to each individual so that you experience personal relief and a smoother, more satisfying relationship. 

Our premier services go above and beyond other coaching services, and may include personality typing, assessments before, during and after, done-with-you and done-for-you state-of-the-art therapeutic processes, written summaries of private sessions, step-by-step templates, online programs, and much more.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.
— Rumi


You're on a journey to find happiness, fulfillment, and la dolce vita. The journey can be challenging at times, but it's all part of being fully alive. Allow me to be your expert guide on your journey, to help you achieve your vision.

Whether your goal is to reach your highest personal development,  professional achievement, or your dream relationship, I can empower you to go out and claim it.

I'll guide you through an inner transformation to set you free from barriers and outdated ideas that hold you back. Inside of you is a wellspring of potential in the form of desire, strength, and talent. Everything you've been seeking can be yours.

Let's find out what service is right for you! 


Clarify what you want most out of life, and what's holding you back. Learn my powerful process to release blocks and learn the specific areas you need to heal in order to make rapid progress.


Create the love, happiness, passion and fulfillment you've only dreamed of until now, whether your goals are personal or professional..


The feelings and experience you've been desiring your whole life is waiting for you. Open up and let the abundance flow in.