Private Individual Coaching

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Private Individual Coaching

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I am passionately committed to excellence in my results, so I only work privately with highly motivated individuals who are ready for personal growth.

Prepay Coaching Retainer
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"If you want the highest form of coaching service with the most personalized attention, private individual coaching is the way to go. My focus is 100% on you and your specific needs." 

Superior Support Structures

RelateGreat Premier Coaching Services are designed for you achieve the greatest amount of success in the shortest amount of time. During your coaching session, you and your coach will clarify what exact steps to take to make progress. Many coaches or therapists stop there. But you need support between sessions as well. Here's where RelateGreat Premier Coaching Services goes above and beyond to provide you with superior service.

Your progress will be maximized through the use of additional support structures. These structures provide reminders, keep you focused, organized and on-track throughout your journey.

  • Coaching Call Strategy Form - Prior to your coaching call, use this form to organize your thoughts, describe your current challenges and progress.
  • Appointment confirmation reminder emails - to keep you on track
  • Structured 50-minute coaching sessions to stay on target and plan next steps
  • Log Notes area where you keep all your personal coaching notes organized and at the tips of your fingers
  • Session summaries done for you by your coach, review the session highlights and are emailed directly to you
  • Step-by-step Templates available to lead you through specific therapeutic processes
  • Automated invoices and receipts available 24/7 on the website private client area


You must be open-minded and able to follow-through with action between sessions. It helps if you have had some exposure to my work through a class, talk or reading my book.

Coaching is not therapy -- it has a clear aim and plan. We will go right to the heart of the issue and work on it immediately in our session. 

Private coaching is much more than simple advice or a quick bandaid, and requires a minimum six-month time commitment.

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