Real Help for Couples Who Struggle with Anger

Ending Anger: The Couple's Guide

(Kindle or paperback) is fasteffective help for couples experiencing the pain and devastation of anger.

This book is full of skill-building exercises and communication techniques you can use to end anger today, and make your relationship calmer, stronger and happier. In this ground-breaking book, you will learn to use your interactions with your partner to discover and resolve anger's root cause.

If you think your relationship is doomed to arguments and conflicts, think again. Suzanne Bare moves beyond traditional methods of anger management and shows us a transformational method to end anger for good. 

This book is for you if:

√ You are in a relationship and struggle with anger

√ You feel hurt and angry because your partner refuses to give you what you want.

√ You or your partner wants to punish the other.

√ You mistrust each other and anticipate more pain.

√ You have started to avoid each other due to anger.



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Professional Praise

Ending Anger: The Couples Guide, by Suzanne Bare is an excellent book for helping almost anyone overcome problems with anger or aggressive behavior. While it focuses on couples/ anger problems and provides many specific suggestions and exercises for couples, it is just as relevant for any individual. On the one hand the book is very interesting and easy to read, and on the other hand it provides adequately detailed information that helps the reader relate their specific thoughts and actions to suggestions in the book.

Very importantly, the author understands the thinking/cognitive, emotional, and behavioral processes involved in anger-aggression problems, and she provides excellent advice for dealing with all three aspects of the problem. Anger-aggression is a complex problem that requires insight and changes in all three areas to achieve success. Many books only focus on only 1-2 aspects. Additionally, she takes each of the three areas and further details specific beliefs, thoughts, actions, and couple patterns that help individuals or couples understand exactly what contributes to the problem and exactly what to do to correct it. I highly recommend this book.” Tom G. Stevens PhD, Psychologist and author of You Can Choose To Be Happy: “Rise Above” Anxiety, Anger, and Depression.


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